Before you scroll down to book, here are some tips and some things you'll need to know:

The date and location of your event?

The amount of people realistically attending your party will determine how many food trucks you need, most trucks have a minimum required to attend an event.

Are you seeking dessert trucks or entree trucks?

Is electricity available, if so what type 110 or 220. Do you have 30amp or 50amp access?

Where will the food trucks be located in relation to the main activity?

Will you be duplicating vendors?

How are you advertising/ promoting this event. Our admin will add you to the Lubbock Food Trucks Today group so that you will be able to do targeted marketing to over 11,000 people in the Lubbock area.

What is the application deadline?

What type of event is this - target audience. Adults, kid friendly?

Contact person's cell number.

Here are some Common misconceptions when booking a food truck:

-You cannot ask 7 trucks to come to an event for 15 people. Its usually 1 truck per 100 people or so. Or one entree truck and one dessert truck for the event.

Many owners can give you menu options (change menus) to meet the need of your event, so just ask.

-Food trucks are asked to come for an event that the project coordinator says will have 1,000 people attending and only 50 people show up: Food truck owners cannot take a food loss like that, so that's why they ask so many questions and require a minimum.

The good news, most owners will try to help with getting numbers for your events up, if given enough time.

- A food truck cannot show up with 30 minutes notice to serve 100's of people 99.9% of the time. Owners have to prep for service and depending on the menu of the truck, it takes 24-48 hours to complete.

-During food truck season February - November (depending on weather) it is best to let food truck owners know weeks in advance because they book up quickly. The owners also have a system in place to contact other owners quickly to see if anyone is available to serve if you do happen to be in a crunch...don't be afraid to ask.

How to be the best food truck customer ever:
  • Give reviews on Facebook, Yelp and Google.
  • Post pictures of your food and talk about the Truck you went to.
  • Like and share food and event posts to support local business - be sure to TAG the food truck & use great hashtags like #LubbockFoodTrucks
  • And invite your friends to Lubbock Food Trucks Today and individual truck pages so that they can get more business.
  • Follow social media for the location, time of operation, and quality of specific trucks.